IMG_0923I was born and raised in Monroe County, Indiana. I  had an idillic childhood. No horror stories. No dark secrets…at least none that I know of or care to tell! I was raised by wonderful parents, lived on a small farm that offered all the entertainment I ever needed and great neighborhood friends to build memories with. Being my father’s son, I like to create things. Mostly I like to create with words. Several years ago I found my self overcome with the winter blues and started writing a family newsletter and mailing it out. I entitled it “The Hensonburg Times,” because that is where my parents grew up. It was the “wrong side of the tracks,” the poor part of town. My dad used to sit at the breakfast table in our kitchen and tell me stories of his childhood. If he were not so good at telling them, some of them would have been sad enough to make you cry. Instead, he brought them to life and made them sound like an adventure not to be missed. The Hensonburg Times is my version of the story telling legacy my dad left behind. It is part truth, part fiction, part nonsense. It is the life and times of the Shepherd family, with a little creative license thrown in for good measure. Fair warning; I stopped writing the Times years ago because I tend to get carried away with sarcasm and, well, I offended some folks! So if you don’t have a good sense of humor and the ability to laugh at yourself, then maybe you better not follow along, because this is “The Truth as I Choose to Remember it.”


p.s. Mom, if you are reading this, there is probably going to be a few swear words…and maybe a story or two you’d rather not know about, so maybe you should go watch TV instead!

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