I am fortunate enough to have a wonderfully diverse family. While I would say we are a close family in one sense, I often feel like we are a group of strangers, connect by an address on Smith Pike. No two individuals demonstrate the unique personalities of our clan better than my sons-in-law. They are like bookends. Complete polar opposites. Ying and Yang. Fox News and CNN. The Rolling Stones and Justin Bieber (don’t worry guys, I’m not calling either one of you Justin Bieber! ).


Nic, who is Kristin’s husband, is GQ; Dustin, married to Cailin, is more Field & Stream. Nic is Suit and Tie; Dustin is camo. Nic is sports car; Dustin is Pickup truck. Nic is Banana Republic; Dustin is Bass Pro. Nic speaks quickly & freely; Dustin speaks slow and deliberate. This is one of the things that I love about these two guys; they are so uniquely themselves. Fortunately for me, I swing both…uh, wait a minute. Let me rephrase that; I am a little bit like both of them. I like Banana Republic and I was thrilled that I was able to purchase a Bugatchi dress shirt at TJ Max the other day. On the other hand, I couldn’t wait for the new Cabela’s to open. I want a Porsche Caymen S, but I also would love to have a Ford F250 Super Duty. I am a sucker for messenger bags and I’m looking forward to purchasing my first 1911 handgun. I like fine dining, but I also like Bluegrass Burgers, which is just a hole in the wall burger joint.

One area where these two guys do overlap, at least a little bit, is that they both own a gun. I have to admit that I was a bit surprised when I discovered Nic has a gun. Dustin, on the other hand, is no surprise to anyone! I mean, just ask him about the Second Amendment! He speaks gun talk like I speak coffee or motorcycles. Nic is becoming my go to guy to talk cars and tech; Dustin is the gun expert.

This overlap parts ways, however, when it comes to the use of a gun. I am not certain about this, but my guess is Nic likes target shooting. Dustin likes blood! Dustin is a hunter. He and Pop would have gotten along just fine. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen Pop up to his elbows in animal guts; deer, cattle, pigs, fish, frogs, if it has guts, he has had his hands in them!

This brings me to another contrast between these two sons (don’t get nervous boys!)…meat! Nic is not a meat eater; Dustin worships the cow…and the pig…and the deer…and the squirrel…and maybe the possum, but I’m not sure about that last one. Recently, Dustin and Cailin came down to visit us in Louisville. I had told Dustin about a new restaurant in town called Game. Now, in case you are not very familiar with Louisville, there is something you need to know about this town; it is meat crazy. Especially the pig. I mean, there is a bar in this town, supposedly one of the top 50 bars in the United States. Guess what it’s name is? Meat! It is on the second floor of a neat, old, dilapidated brick building. Guess what’s underneath it? A restaurant called “The Blind Pig!” Guess what they serve? Pork! Guess where it is located? A part of town called “Butchertown!” Guess why? The meat processing plant is just across the street! It is what my dad fondly referred to as “The Packing House.” Speaking of which, I always loved to go to the Packing House. I loved the refrigerated room, the men in long, white coats, with smears of some mystery substance all over them.

Now, where was I? Oh, yeah, Game. Game was recently opened by the owners of another restaurant called Hammerheads. Lori and I heard Hammerheads was awesome for BBQ, so we searched it out. Our GPS took us to a residential area in one of the less than attractive parts of town. I thought maybe it was a mistake. It turns out the Hammerheads is the in the basement of one of these houses.Maybe 8 tables tops. They serve pork, a few other meat dishes and even their fries are “meat” tainted, as they serve up Duck Fat Fries.IMG_0894When these guys decided to launch a new eatery, they chose to go one step further on the menu; wild game. It is really a burger joint of sorts, but specializes in unique burgers. They offer Antelope, Wild Boar, Elk, Ostrich and Kangaroo. And for those lacking in adventure, you can buy cow.

So, we all piled into our car and head down to Game. On the way we discussed what we were going to try. Lori and Cailin made it pretty clear they were going for beef. Dustin and I kicked around one then another. I was leaning toward the meatball sampler. Morgan was going along for the ride. We rounded the corner, pulled into the lot…and it was empty! We pulled around back and there were two Kirkwood types sitting in the back sipping on a couple beers. They told us they were closed for the day. Apparently Louisville had a pretty good basketball team this year and they seemed to feel it was more important to stay home and watch them win a national championship than to provide my son-in-law and I the opportunity to eat a Kangaroo. The nerve! I showed them, though. The next morning we got up early, headed to a local bakery called Nord’s and I introduced Cailin and Dustin to the ultimate Louisville donut; a maple glazed long john with a slice of bacon on top!

IMG_0716Uh, let’s see; what was I writing about? Oh yeah, my sons-in-law. I suppose for those of you who don’t know my immediately family as well, I should clarify the first set of photos. As you can see, both Nic and Dustin are holding a child. It is the same child, my first Grandson, Aston. In this photo, it seems pretty obvious that this boy has some Bontrager blood in his body. Notice the “fedora.”

photo 2However, it appears to me that little Aston is a bit confused about exactly who he is going to take after. Case in point:IMG_0870Notice the wild eyes, the tongue sticking out, the less than refined behavior, the crazy hair, the red hair…just saying! That’s all Shepherd there…and not too far removed from Adams!

Now that I have turned this issue of the Times into a digressing diatribe of disjointed drivel, I suppose I should bring it to a close. When I think about my sons-in-law, I think of meat. And when I think of meat, I think of Louisville. And when I think of Louisville, I think of how my health has gone downhill since moving here. I finally got my blood pressure under control only to find out my cholesterol is high and now the Dr wants me to stop eating red meat. This has caused me to come to the only plausible conclusion for my current dilemma…Nic and Dustin have plotted to kill me!



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