The Hensonburg Times is Back!

Several years ago, while fighting the boredom of an Indiana Winter, I started writing a family newsletter. I began mailing it out to family members and for some unknown reason, they seemed to enjoy it. I have often been asked to bring the newsletter back to life, but up until now I have resisted. Finally I decided, “Why not?” Well, there are a lot of reasons “why not,” but against my better judgement, here we are!

The stories you are about to read on this blog will be based on the true lives of my family, both past and present. Since this is a worldwide media, I will do my best to be sensitive to the people I call friends and family. I imagine they will be the only ones actually reading any of this nonsense, but just in case some outsiders decide to tune in, I will keep everyone’s personal feelings in mind.


If you read something you don’t like, well, here is what my daughter Cailin has to say about it!

With that said, my family knows me. They know I have a sarcastic mouth. They know I’m a bit bent when it comes to poking fun. They know our father was nicknamed “Mr. Nasty” by his coworkers at the Bloomington Post Office because he could really cut you to the bone with his words…and they know the fruit didn’t fall too far from the tree!

So fasten your seatbelt, put on your armor, lighten up a little bit and let’s take a ride down memory lane. Welcome to “The Truth as I Choose to Remember it!”


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